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Renovated stalls turned over to ambulant vendors in Carbon Bagsakan unveiling

C2W reiterates assurance all registered vendors will be part of the new public market facility

September 23, 2021

The first phase of the Carbon Modernization project progresses with the turnover of 36 renovated stalls to the first group of ambulant vendors on Thursday. The area, now officially called Carbon Bagsakan, is located along ML Quezon Boulevard and will serve as a temporary vending location for the next two years while the permanent market facility is being built.

Thursday’s turnover was led by Cebu2World Development,Inc. (C2W), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Megawide Construction Corp., that is undertaking the modernization of the historic Cebu Carbon district. The turnover was held in coordination with the Cebu City Government.

C2W reiterated its assurance that all registered vendors will be accommodated in the new market facility. The Cebu City Government is providing the company a master list of the vendors. C2W said that the floor area of the facility they are building is more than the land area currently occupied by the vendors.

Same rates for next 3 years

Apart from this, C2W also reiterated that rates will remain the same for the next three years, based on the current Market Code. In fact,C2W Director Cristina Angan explained that some ambulant vendors may even be paying cheaper rates compared to the arkabala they are paying now.

“Currently, the arkabala charges P20.00 per 0.5 square meters. That’s P40.00 per square meter. At the new Carbon Bagsakan and other subsequently modernized ambulant vendor areas, they will only be paying P20.00per square meter; or for those with larger areas, which are already equivalent to larger stall spaces, they will only be paying P8.50 per square meter. These rates are based on the Market Code,” she said.

The ambulant vendors now occupying the Bagsakan received their certificates of recognition in March 2021. With these certificates, which are currently being distributed in batches by the Market Operations Division, the beneficiaries are recognized as officially registered vendors of Carbon who are assured of a space in the modernized market facilities.

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